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This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queu Crawdaunt is a true powerhouse and a terrifying wallbreaker thanks to Adaptability and its sky-high Attack stat. It has very powerful STAB moves in the form of Knock Off and Crabhammer, which are very hard to switch into. Additionally, Swords Dance and Aqua Jet give Crawdaunt a great cleaning tool and can somewhat fix up its poor Speed Pivots such as Gligar, Mega Manectric, and Scizor are essential teammates, as they give Crawdaunt a much easier time switching in. Gligar checks physical Fighting-types, Mega Manectric can take on annoyances like Togekiss as well as lure certain checks like Swampert and Chesnaught with its coverage moves, and Scizor offensively checks Fairy-types Despite the high number of other offensive Water-types in the tier, Crawdaunt makes a place for itself by being one of the most threatening wallbreakers in the tier thanks to a combination of good dual STAB types, Adaptability, a high Attack stat, and a good offensive movepool

Mega Crawdaunt Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1ap4o7d3iXUOrJ2kANwYw Leave a Like :D Share the channel and my videos ;) Write a comment Musi.. Mega Stones cannot be taken via Thief, Covet, Trick, or Switcheroo. Abilities such as Magician and Pickpocket will fail to snatch the Mega Stone from its holder and Pokémon with Klutz are able to use their respective Mega Stone. Crawdaunt Water Dark. Crawdaunt is a Water / Dark type Pokémon introduced in Generation 3. It is known as the Rogue Pokémon Crawdaunt Pokemon GO Best Counters Crawdaunt is a Water and Dark type Pokemon . This means that his best counters are going to be Pokemon that are Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, and Grass types Crawdaunt Cards Crawdaunt 25 Crimson Invasion. Crawdaunt 92 XY—Primal Clash. Crawdaunt 13 EX Dragon. Crawdaunt [G] 23 Platinum—Supreme Victors. Crawdaunt 3 EX Dragon. Team Aqua's Crawdaunt 14 EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua. Team Aqua's Crawdaunt 2 EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua. Crawdaunt 6 EX Deoxys

Mega Cacturne and Mega Crawdaunt are some of the most wanted Megas, especially with the amount of usability they would have if they just had better stats Crawdaunt ha un eccellente potenziale da wallbreaker grazie al suo stellare Attack base di 120 e ad Adaptability che raddoppia la potenza delle sue mosse STAB. Inoltre, il suo accesso a Swords Dance e a mosse ad alta potenza base come Crabhammer e Knock Off limita molto le sue risposte difensive Make A Mega - Mega Crawdaunt LIKE OR CRAWDAUNT CLIPS A TOE! Make A Mega is a series that let's the viewers pick a Pokemon that they think should have a Mega Evolution - It's my job to try making it..

Mega Crawdaunt layout. What nature and ev's should I invest in Mega Crawdaunt? I can already see maybe a jolly or adamant but I'm not really sure. 7 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by [MeetTheMega] Mega Crawdaunt (comments for info) Close. 102. Posted by. u/thesuzerain. 5 years ago. Moderator of r/pokemonzetaomicron Archived [MeetTheMega] Mega Crawdaunt (comments for info Mega Crawdaunt by Smiley-Fakemon on DeviantArt. This is my entry for OrdinLegends's contest: fav.me/d7k8df1 I decided to go for Mega Crawdaunt, since nobody else had chosen it, and I really like.

MEGA: come usarlo e scaricare file, film e musica di Salvatore Aranzulla. MEGA è un servizio di cloud storage e condivisione di cui era ex-proprietario Kim Dotcom, il fondatore di MegaUpload e MegaVideo.Nasce come successore di MegaUpload, che il 19 gennaio 2012 è stato oscurato dal Dipartimento di Giustizia americano, ma si distingue da quest'ultimo sotto vari aspetti A Sharpedo was one of the aquarium Pokémon seen in Archie's collection in Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt I. In Omega Alpha Adventure 11, Archie is shown to have a second Sharpedo, which can Mega Evolve into Mega Sharpedo. After Archie disappeared he was taken by Amber La terza generazione dei videogiochi della serie Pokémon comprende i titoli Pokémon Rubino e Zaffiro (2002), Pokémon Rosso Fuoco e Verde Foglia (2004) e Pokémon Smeraldo (2005). Essa introduce un nuovo gruppo di 135 Pokémon, portando il numero totale a 386. La terza generazione ha segnato un forte stacco dalle due precedenti in quanto la quasi totalità dei Pokémon introdotti, salvo.

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Before Mega Evolution Crawdaunt still couldn't out-speed threats like Gengar and Jolteon with a +1 boost in Speed, but this problem is solved after its Mega Evolution occurs. Overall, there isn't much Mega Crawdaunt has going for it, and there are far superior choices for Mega Evolutions, but only Crawdaunt can boast the title of the tastiest Mega Pokémon Or create a free MEGA account. Registered users enjoy an extra 10% free IP quota allowance. Or create an account to participate in our achievement program, where you can earn free storage & transfer quota when installing MEGA apps or inviting friends to MEGA (activation can take several days) mega wailord mega wailord type: water and flying mega wailord ability: speed boost what it does: Speed increases by one stage at the end of each turn. stat changes: wailord hp: 170 attack: 90 defense: 45 special attack: 90 special defense: 45 speed: 60 mega wailord hp: 170 attack: 170 defense: 340 special attack: 170 special defense: 340 speed: 85 mega crawdaunt mega crawdaunt. Mega Crawdaunt loves to ambush people and Pokémon that swim unknowingly in the waters. However, it just simply wants to mark its territory and defend it while doing this. Entry 2: It has claws that match the hardness of a Nidorino's horn. A single punch can break bones like twigs. Reply IV LEGA MEGA: 0 9 15 IV LEGA ULTRA: 0 15 15 CRAWDAUNT. Crawdaunt non ha la stessa fama della sua nemesi, ma il suo tipo Acqua / Buio gli fa acquisire un'importante particolarità che lo contraddistingue dal resto dei Pokémon acquatici

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The best Pokemon Go Crawdaunt counters are Mega Venusaur, Mega Beedrill, Shadow Raikou, Shadow Electivire, Shadow Machamp & Shadow Zapdos. Login to see your custom results! Pokebattler's Crawdaunt raid counters guide is designed to help you beat Crawdaunt with your best counters Jun 19, 2014 - This is my entry for OrdinLegends's contest: fav.me/d7k8df1 I decided to go for Mega Crawdaunt, since nobody else had chosen it, and I really like Mega Crawdaunt Jun 7, 2015 - Mega Crawdaunt by Smiley-Fakemon.deviantart.com on @DeviantAr The first Pokemon adventure for Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon X & Y ushers in a new era for the role-playing, creature-capturing series via new starter Pokemon, new Legendary Pokemon, and so much more Crawdaunt: Rogue Pokémon 2 Attack Height Weight Gender Egg Group(s) 3'07 1.1m 72.3 lbs. 32.8kg Male: 50% Female: 50% Water 1 Water 3: National Pokédex Hoenn Pokédex Abilities Hidden Ability.

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  1. Design and development. Nintendo Life noted in a retrospective that the third generation of Pokémon has a very different feel from the two generations that came before it because almost all of its 135 new Pokémon - save for Azurill and Wynaut - have no relation to those of the previous generations. Unlike the first two generations, two of the starter Pokémon of Ruby and Sapphire.
  2. Crawdaunt is a Pokémon that really shows what a good ability can do for you. Knock Off is the primary move for Crawdaunt, crippling anything that tries to come in that doesn't have a Mega Stone or Z-Crystal. This can really hurt some foes such as Landorus Therian which lacks any form of recovery without Leftovers
  3. Mega Evolution. Front Back Front shiny Back shiny Trivia. Chatot is the only Pokémon whose cry is not altered when it faints or is sent out with a status condition..
  4. Sir.Crawdaunt Utente Profilo Attivit à. Messaggi 49 Punti Fedeltà 0.
  5. Crawdaunt is a Water, Dark-type Pokémon from the Hoenn region. It evolves from Corphish after being fed 50 candies. Crawdaunt is part of a two-member family
  6. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art
  7. Crawdaunt wasn't slated to be amazing, but it at least had a potential future pre-release, unlike most other species in Pokemon GO. Having high Atk was good start. Waterfall was a neat second step. However, Bubble Beam and Night Slash aren't enough to make it a relevant attacker either in the Water- or Dark-type realms

The mega of the team. Under TR, Crawdaunt can also offensively check stuff like Talonflame, easily KOing it with a SE Aqua Jet. Overall this is a fantastic Pokemon under Trick Room (and is also really good in OU even without it imo!) Hoopa-Unbound @ Life Orb Crawdaunt is one of the lucky ones to still have Knock Off access in Battle Stadium, and it serves to provide a strong Dark-type STAB for Crawdaunt. Close Combat gives it a way to threaten Lapras, Snorlax, and Ferrothorn, though Endeavor pairs well with a Focus Sash to break down a bulky Pokémon that Crawdaunt would struggle with otherwise Jan 21, 2019 - My entry for slickedbackArtisan's contest: slickedbackartisan.deviantart. Type: Steel/Bug Height: 1.70m Weight: 127kg Ability: Download Bas... Mega Genesec These Mega Stones will become available to all players in-game during future updates. Additionally, the starter Mega Stones found inside of the Perfection Base change depending on whether or not the player is playing the game on Purity Mode. List of Mega Stones. As of 1.2.5, all Mega Stones are located in the Mega Stones bag pocket

Crawdaunt. 1,785 likes. Public Figure. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Crawdaunt (Waterfall, Crabhammer) Mega Pidgeot (Wing Attack, Brave Bird)* *Mega Pidgeot is not yet in-game, but with it scheduled to be released so soon, we've made the call to keep it in this.

Mega Cacturne is tied with Mega Sceptile for the highest base Special Attack of all Grass-type Pokémon. ← #330: Flygon: Pokémon #342: Crawdaunt. Mega Cazzoni Posts 34,899 Status Offline. Lo sapevo, lo sapevo che sarebbe toccato a lui ad andare nella lista dei team schifosi... . Jeel. Posted on 14/6/2004, 11:32 . User deleted Come sfruttare l'attacco di Crawdaunt . Evanescent_Wolf Crawdaunt may look menacing, but it really doesn't hold up against the big hitters in VGC 2018 upon close scrutiny. 120 in Base Attack is actually decent for a non Mega Evolution Pokemon, but its poor bulk and Base Speed means that it needs quite a bit of support for it to excel, meaning it often becomes a burden in team preview since bringing it means bringing its supporting cast, which can. Pianeta Hobby. Via Ruggero Leoncavallo 15 20131 MILANO Tel. +39 02 28040306 Fax +39 02 8739301

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  1. Crawdaunt @ Choice Band Trait: Adaptability Nature: Adamant 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe - Aqua Jet - Knock Off - Crabhammer - Superpower. This is what we all wish Mega Gyarados could do. This set serves as a Hit + Run set or a Revenge Killer set
  2. Rayquaza (Japanese: レックウザ Rayquaza) is a dual-type Dragon/Flying Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation III.. While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, Rayquaza can Mega Evolve into Mega Rayquaza if it knows Dragon Ascent, but only if it is not holding a Z-Crystal.In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the Rayquaza featured in the Delta Episode must be.
  3. Mega Cacturne and Mega Crawdaunt are some of the most wanted Megas, especially with the amount of usability they would have if they just had better stats..
  4. Crawdaunt is a primarily red, crustacean Pokémon with a tan underside. It has circular eyes set in deep sockets and a large, star-shaped growth on its forehead. The upper and lo
  5. 4 Atk Mega Aggron Earthquake vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Crawdaunt: 111-131 (41.4 - 48.8%) -- 77.3% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock You EQ as it SDs, its down around half. Tank a Plus 2 Crab Hammer, being left with ~30%. his life orb hits, taking him to 40%, and from there eq kills. even with out rocks up, two life orb hits and two EQs is enough to put Crawdaunt down
  6. Le migliori offerte per Carte Pokemon Colhomard Crawdaunt 6/107 Holo Reverse Deoxys Bloc EX US sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis

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This Crawdaunt is Meltowag's 8th known Pokemon. Unlike others of its species Crawdaunt is a scaredy cat who prefers to flee than fight. It quickly developed a relationship with Meltowag's Beartic Upon meeeting Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor Crawdaunt moves, abilities, and EV spreads for Gen 7 OverUsed. Aqua Jet, Knock Off and more Ebbene sì, Kingler e Crawdaunt, due Pokémon non particolarmente noti, hanno finalmente preso possesso dello spettacolo, ma andiamo a vedere perché: KINGLER. Raid Boss: Mega Blastoise. Sono finalmente arrivate su Pokémon GO le.

This is a page on the Pokemon Crawdaunt, including its Learnset and where it can be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on its evolutions, abilities, type advantages, and more Nessun risultato! Ricorda che i Pokémon possono essere solo di due tipi, quindi non selezionare più di due tipi alla volta, e che i Pokémon non possono avere debolezza verso il loro stesso tipo Effetti Durante la lotta. Un Pokémon con Guscioscudo non può subire brutti colpi.. Fuori dalla lotta. Guscioscudo non ha alcun effetto fuori dalla lotta. Pokémon con Guscioscud

Le migliori offerte per Pokemon PSA 10 Japanese Crawdaunt EX 005/015 Gift Box Mew GEM MINT sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis Primary Development has moved to: https://github.com/Pokecube-Development - Thutmose/Pokecub Torneo Yu-Gi-Oh! con Mascherina! A Partire da Giugno ripartono i tornei di Yu-Gi-Oh! alle ore 15:00. A Partire da Giugno ripartono i tornei di Yu-Gi-Oh! alle ore 15:0 Quick Links: Picdex: Black & Whit This Crawdaunt is a water/dark-type Pokémon owned by Tierno. Corphish stood by Tierno when the incident of Vaniville Town happened. Just as they met up with Viola and accepted her proposal to come to her Gym, Shauna protested, since there could be danger ahead. Heeding her advice, Tierno sent Corphish, since they needed to be alert. Facing against Team Flare's grunts' Noibat, Tierno sent.

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As the Smogon article says, Crawdaunt is a wallbreaker. It's doing its job if it takes out balance/stall cores with Pokemon like Clefable, Blissey, Corviknight, Toxapex, etc. It's faster than all of them except Mandibuzz and Rotom, and Swords Dance lets it OHKO all of them with its coverage. The only good Crawdaunt switchin in OU is Kommo-o Sharpedo and Crawdaunt - Water and Dark types from Hoenn, these two are well suited to dish out damage. Sharpedo has a much weaker Defense than Crawdaunt, but higher Attack in exchange. Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar - These three starter evolutions are all dual Fire and Fighting types, making them prime candidates to take down Mega Houndoom 1.Stats: Should Crawdaunt get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing? Crawdaunt has 468 BST, and the largest BSTs a crab has are 478 and 500. With this in mind, Crawdaunt can get +10 BST at minimum, and +30 BST at maximum. This will be helpful, but not by much. Crawdaunt is lacking severely in Speed department, which requires a high.

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CRAWDAUNT has an extremely violent nature that compels it to challenge other living things to battle. Other life-forms refuse to live in ponds inhabited by this POKéMON, making them desolate places. Sapphire: CRAWDAUNT molts (sheds) its shell regularly. Immediately after molting, its shell is soft and tender 342 / CRAWDAUNT - Pokémon Papercraft Name: Crawdaunt Type: Water / Dark Species: Rogue Pokémon Height: 1.09 m (3′07″) Weight: 159.2 kg (72.3 lbs.) Interesting Facts: Crawdaunt are extremely aggressive Pokémon that will bully others enough to drive them away from their homes, exhibiting behavior similar to Whiscash.Its nature also means that Crawdaunt is prone to challenge other living. Games Description MD T D S: Boosts the power of the Pokémon's moves that match its type. B S L: じぶんと わざのタイプが あっているときの ダメージが おおき I Pokémon megaevoluti hanno il prefisso Mega, similmente al nome Giapponese di Yanmega, Megayanma. Origine. Basato su una libellula, in particolare una meganeura, e su un elicottero. Come suggerisce il nome, però, potrebbe anche essere basato sullo stereotipo di un orco o di un troll Crawdaunt Water · Dark. Corphish changes. In Generations 3-4, Corphish has a base experience yield of 111. Pokédex entries. Ruby: CORPHISH were originally foreign POKéMON that were imported as pets. They eventually turned up in the wild. This POKéMON is very hardy and has greatly increased its population

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r/pokemon: r/pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys May 13, 2016 - Explore Max Song's board Mega Pokemon on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pokemon, Pokemon fusion, Mega evolution

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Now Crawdaunt may not be OU by tiering but that doesn't stop it from being a threat in the OU meta thanks to it's dual stab of Water and Dark backed by a 120 base attack stat and adaptability. It also has strong priority in the form of aqua jet. However it's low speed and poor bulk makes it easy to revenge kill 28/abr/2020 - Crawdaunt may have a creative and awesome design, but its competitive career has been lackluster since generation 3. Pokemon X and Y has given it some new toys to play with that make it great

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Template:PGENAME See Crawdaunt/TCG. Don't have an account? Registe Mega Diancie: Magic Bounce: 50: 160: 110: 160: 110: 110: Diancite: Episode 1129 VS Zapdos! Legendary Raid Battle Airdate: 09/10/2020 Episode 1113 A Little Rocket R & R! Synopsis Pictures Episode 1114 A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!! Airdate: 12/2020 Synopsis Picture Ruby: CRAWDAUNT has an extremely violent nature that compels it to challenge other living things to battle. Other life-forms refuse to live in ponds inhabited by this POKéMON, m Mega Crawdaunt | Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Fan Art Wallpapers with 1920x1080 resolution for personal use available. LB-11583 is the search number for these imag

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High quality (HD) & full size picture / image / artwork of Pokemon Mega-Crawdaunt. ID of Mega-Crawdaunt is 8342 and Class is Mega. You can play for free with this awesome Pokemon with this fantastic artwork on PokemonPets game ⊕ Homepage - Mega Crawdaunt by JimmyPiranha on DeviantArt.. images. Use these free Crawdaunt Clipart for your personal projects or designs clipart. Download Clipart. Similar Crawdaunt Cliparts. If you find any inappropriate content on 123clipartpng.com, please contact us and we will take appropriate action Crawdaunt - Crabhammer . Diancie-Mega - Moonblast - Protect - Hidden Power . Ferrothorn - Thunder Wave - Leech Seed - Iron Head . Garchomp @ Rocky Helmet - Dragon Tail - Stealth Rock . Mew @ Leftovers - Roost - Defog - Volt Switch - Will-O-Wisp . Tornadus-Therian @ Life Or Mega Weave Mega Sableye Mega Crawdaunt. Comment Reply Start Topic. Report. Add more answer options. Posting in language: Edit Preview B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory. Post a Poll. Question Post. Play nice. Take a minute to.

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  1. Crawdaunt. PokeWorldBW Dec 1st, 2013 43 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! raw download clone embed report print text 7.40 KB Battle between Sycamore and 王守仁 started! Tier: XY OU. Mode: Singles. Rule: Rated. Rule: Sleep Clause. Rule: Species Clause
  2. Mega Crawdaunt . Water/Dark . HP-180 . ATK-150 . DEF-95 . SPATK-110 . SPDEF-95 . SPD-105 . BST-568 . Ability: Adaptability- Gives a 50% boost to all stab attacking moves. RAW Paste Dat
  3. d gets moved into the star on its head after getting exposed to its Mega Stone. This causes a mutation in Crawdaunt's genes, turning one claw to grow big. It also slowly turns yellow.
  4. g experience? You need to check our collections of working cheat codes for Pokemon Mega Power found below. These are tried and tested codes, so that means it will work for you. The codes include most useful cheats such as Walk through walls, Rare candy, Master ball, Wild Pokemon modifier, Legendary, Mega Evolution, and Primal Reversion
  5. Crawdaunt. Water Dark Vægt: 32.8 kg Højde: 1.09 m 224 142 160 Generelt; Angreb; 100% CP Oversigt; Top IV Oversigt; 2.474. Max CP (lvl 40) lvl 40. 1.060 Research (lvl 15) lvl 15. 1.413 Raid & Æg (lvl 20) lvl 20. 1.767 Raid Vejrboostet (lvl 25) lvl 25. 2.297.

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Mega Evolution (メガ進化(しんか) Mega Shinka) is a concept introduced in Generation VI. It consists of certain Pokémon gaining an ultimate form of themselves. The Pokémon need special Mega Stones in order to evolve into their final form for one-evolution/branch evolution families and ultimate forms for two-evolution families. Also, Pokémon can only gain their ultimate form by using a. Mega Crawdaunt by Smiley-Fakemon on DeviantArt Wallpapers with 0x0 resolution for personal use available. LB-11581 is the search number for these imag Le migliori offerte per Crawdaunt ex Holo Pokemon Card 99/110 EX Fantasmi di Holon ITA sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis Crawdaunt is once of my favorite Pokemon, even outside of the competitive scene. It has an incredibly cool design, equal parts sleek and intimidating, coupled with a unique and offensively useful Water/Dark typing. Luckily for Crawdaunt, it has the offensive presence to back up the typing it was blessed with Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor Crawdaunt moves, abilities, and EV spreads for VGC 18. Crabhammer, Protect and more

Goodra & Crawdaunt Bulky Offense! (Pokemon Showdown X & YTeam Aqua Grunt (Trainer class) - Bulbapedia, thecrawdaunt | Tumblr

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  1. Crawdaunt. Crawdaunt is slower compared to Sharpedo, but can also take a hit or two more than it. The two abilities you can get are Hyper cutter and Shell armor, both being decent in-game. Its movepool isn't a luxury either, but definitely better. It learns a few really good moves along the way
  2. Effetti Durante la lotta. La potenza delle mosse dello stesso tipo del Pokémon con Adattabilità è raddoppiata invece che aumentata del 50%.. Fuori dalla lotta. Adattabilità non ha alcun effetto fuori dalla lotta. Pokémon con Adattabilit
  3. Crawdaunt Pokemon Card Rare Shiny . Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class. Crawdaunt Pokemon Card Rare Shiny . Condition is Used. GX EX MEGA + HOLOS. $14.95. Free shipping. Popular . Crawdaunt 2/95 EX Team Magma VS Team Aqua Pokemon Card Reverse Holo. $9.64. $12.86
  4. Crawdaunt is one of the Pokemon Jax caught in the Hoenn region. As a wild Pokemon Jax met Corphish on Route 117 reeking havoc. After a hard fought battle Corphish attempted to escape in a nearby body of water, however Jax threw a dive ball in after him successfully catching him
  5. Latest stories. in 3-Star, Raids. Crawdaunt Raid Guid
  6. d by looking at the
  7. Mega Crawdaunt Redrawn 2015 by Austinferno on DeviantArt Wallpapers with 1191x670 resolution for personal use available. LB-11571 is the search number for these imag

Mar 15, 2019 - Crystal Crawdaunt - Project Azurite by Cowctu Crawdaunt in the Pokémon GO meta. This Pokémon is the better version of Sharpedo, minus some digits on the ATK stats.Essentially, Crawdaunt is another run-of-the-mill meta addition. As far being used in battle goes, keep in mind that Crawdaunt has an advantage over ground, rock, fire, ghost and psychic type.. There are no known further evolution of Crawdaunt For Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire - Battling on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Crawdaunt set help Crawdaunt heat. JadedJellicent. Jun 13th, 2017. 58 . Never Scizor-Mega @ Scizorite Ability: Technician EVs: 248 HP / 188 Def / 56 SpD / 16 Spe Impish Nature - Bullet Punch - U-turn - Roost - Defog Tangrowth @ Assault Vest Ability: Regenerator EVs: 248 HP. Tyler caught Crawdaunt as a Corphish while travelling around Hoenn. Corphish evolved into Crawdaunt while battling Jon in Old Friends Gym Battle

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